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Affiliates sites

Im not technicaly afilliated with any of them BUT i do or have sold products as a vender on thier sites but its worth it to link to them.



Click this link and buy things even if thier not mine it makes me happy and rich.

         This site is marginal the search engine can be frustating at times due to an odd sorting system . Andthere is no fourm but it does offer a nice and simple afiliate program along with a nice commision and some top artists. TERRIBLE STATISTICS  SCREEN for vendors, its close to useless. - ok site nothing special about it to me - another ok site support is a bit slow and you can only sell models there, no materials, or textures,  no forum ect so on an so forth. this site is meh i dont use it much even to look at models My game creation compatriots.  We're always recruting though we cant pay you unless we can sell games.  We are currently making a side scrolling ship shooter like G-Darious. 



This site is very good in itself incredible support speed and helpfulness a personal favorite it just needs more members and a talkative fourm group


This site has by far the largest collection of models and the largest fourm base but with a weak support group and the lowest commision rate of all the sites. Has the best search engine but the site is riddled with spam, low quality models and it is frequented by model thieves and the like, and it is just getting worse. EDIT: they now have a good live chat support (about time) so we'll see how it goes





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