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A taste of my constant ranting


Updating some of my site, and i have included a preview of my plasma genorator on my gallery,

I still have a list a mile long as to what i want to accomplish on my website but i have other taskes that require my attention first so it will have to wait.



Long time since my update (but since ive gotten 4 hits this month is quiet who cares)

New Site. As you have noticed i have my new site up And it is quite a bit cleaner as compared to the garbage google paged give you.

Birthday in 8 days Whoot


Well I believe i will start to get my things and add my self back on to turbosqiud, it seems like the DMCA nonsense there is being fixed a bit, amoung other things. That and they have added a live chat, so maybe thier support wont be as abysmal.... wow thats some wishfull thinking,

Finished some commisioned work for a company this week and now i can do some freelanceing, my contact is at the bottom of the page

Lost the 3d compo to a late entry dont know if he should have won (didnt bother to texture it ) but meh it was great practice and rather fun as well


Well I added the tutorial page, partly for my self (i HATE trying to find the bloody threads all the time). Any time i see a tutorial that catches my eye Ill save it. this means in 3 months time Ill have to organize the tut's into categories to track them.

Ive entered a 3d competition im Dragon Assasin. After this comp im going to take the model to the Uplift Universe competition on The Cg society.

Getting closer and closer to my t sirt company, im just waiting for the economic stimulus check to come in to justify the $250  for start up.


Well today I have officially removed my self from the hell hole that is turbosquid, should they clean themselves up i will return, if not than well poor them, with my vase and glass colection nearing completion it could have made them some money, well instead i will make Flatpyramid my primary venue for model sales

In lighter news, seems that blizzard games has played a bit of a prank on us by creating a Tauren space marine, looks pretty nifty, so it will probably show up in the map editor


Today is the birth of my blog, i have no plans for this blog and it may be on anything 3d, games movies what ever im thinking of. Also I CAN NOT SPELL and until this site starts getting real hits i dont care to check my spelling on my BLOG. so let me start this blog with a rousing discussion.

Today marks the day That will begin to destroy itself with their numerous support issues and mouthy disrepectfull support many of thier topsellers are terribly angry. It will be an interesting few weeks to see if there is just some fall out or if TS just implodes,

on lighter news my glass collection, vase collection, and jewels set are roughly a week from completion,  It may be 2 weeks because i have alot to do this week other than my work.

Also on the side i am preparing to start up a small tshirt printing company,  anyone with interested in haveing a custom one color tshirt  made or have an idea for a shirt contact me and we might be able to work something out.

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